Who Is Universal Teacher

Universal-Teacher is an international non-profit organisation that sets a new digital standard for teaching. The tools are designed to equip teachers with what they need to create inspiring lessons that are engaging and memorable.

Our platform will allow teachers to uphold the same level of creativity they, would otherwise have used within a classroom, as digital tools and engaging content with animation and augmented reality will become critical tools for educators around the world.

Digital learning has gradually replaced some forms of traditional learning, and this online platform is designed to ensure that students and teacher are not left behind.

Why Universal Teacher

Time-flexibility, convenience and the ability to study anywhere in the world, are some of the leading benefits of online learning. However, it tends to feel a little lonely and impersonal, especially when compared to the magical moments and interpersonal connections that take place in a classroom.

It is proven that learning is most beneficial when it’s fun and engaging, which often seems difficult to uphold when teachers have to make use of their own digital platforms to transfer knowledge and guidance, to a 'not so captivated audience' hidden behind a screen.